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Wellington Regional Strategy

Growing a sustainable economy 

This website provides information on the Wellington Regional Strategy (WRS), including the governance of the Strategy and the various partners who have voluntarily signed up to the Strategy.

Grow Wellington is the economic development agency currently charged with the task of implementing the economic initiatives of the Strategy. In 2015 Grow Wellington will merge with Positively Wellington Tourism, Destination Wellington and Positively Wellington Venues to form a new regional economic development agency, WREDA.

The WRS Office is currently taking the lead on two focus areas - "building world-class infrastructure" and "open for business", along with monitoring and evaluation of Grow Wellington and the effectiveness of the Strategy. 

This website also provides information on the previous 'good regional form' projects which were progressed under the original 2007 Strategy. Through the review of the Strategy in early 2012 these projects were removed and are no longer included as a focus of the refreshed Strategy.

Information and presentations from previous and upcoming events is also contained on the website. 

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